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KC area Meet and Greet/Shoot

If you're new to the thread, SEE POSTS BELOW FOR UPDATE ON TIME & DATE!

Hey all , after seeing suggestions in another thread I am starting this up to see who would be up to a KC area get together/shoot at The Bullet Hole. Couple of things...

1. When?.. I'd like to do it in April. So when works for you guys? Saturdays & Sundays are usually pretty crowded there but might be the best time for everyone although I think week nights would be better as far as crowd goes, and they are open till 9pm so it would probably be the easier/best time for a large group to come in. Need some feedback on this one.

2. I will contact the BulletHole and see if we can get any kind of discounted rate for us here on GT. I would think If we bring in a good amount of folks they'd be more willing to discount. I'll let ya'll know what I find out ASAP.

I'm going to keep a running tally through this thread so if you want in, make sure you say it in your post. I'll also have to keep track in Excel of what usernames want in so once at the range we can verify you're a part of GT and therefore the discount. (if there is one.)

3. Any suggestions/ questions feel free to post on here so if anyone else has the same ? we can all see the answers.

Hope ya'll are up for this, I think it would be good fun.

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