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SB308 faces full Senate vote today - Contact your Senator!

This bill will clear up a lot of the uncertainty in the current Georgia Concealed Carry laws, especially in the area of "public gatherings."

Please contact your Senator in as many ways as you have time today, in person, by telephone, by email, and by facsimile (no time for regular mail).

Something simple will do. Do not use the following unless you just cannot think of what to write or say on the telephone (or better in person if you have time today).

"I am your constituent. Please vote in favor of SB 308 today and demonstrate your respect for my right to bear arms."

Do identify yourself as a constituent. Keep it short and to the point. Share a personal reason if you have one, but keeping it short is better than rambling on. Please be very polite, even if you believe your Senator may be opposed to the bill.
If you don't know your Senator then you can look them up here. Keep following the links until you get a phone number and an email address. I did both this morning, although I have the good fortune of living in John Wiles' district, who is Chairman of the Special Rules Committee which first approved this bill.

Thank you fellow Georgians.

Tom, from Kennesaw
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