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woo-hoo I made bullets

I have finally been able to get all my components and start reloading for my G20.
I have IMR 800-X, Blue Dot and Accurate #7. I worked my way up to 10.2 grains of #7 w/ a 180 grain bullet and had some "smiles" on the casing... Felt like a cannon backed off a few tenths for now.

This is what I have to take to the range.

9.7 grains Blue Dot
8 grains 800-X
9.9 grains #7
(50) of each

All are new starline brass, Rem. LPP, Hornady 180 JHP/XTP
AOL was 1.256 to 1.257
I shot 15 of each at my dad's mini range and all felt good with no signs of high pressure and were surprisingly accurate at 15 yards

I do not have a chronograph yet so I'm sticking to lighter loads for now and don't have any tec. info for you guys

A few questions. How are you guys measuring out powder for production loading? After handling my new brass they seem to be a bit tarnished the next day???? oil from my fingers? Are you guys wearing latex gloves when handeling brass / bullets?

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