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Let me first say welcome to handloading for a very fine cartridge!

I definitely do not wear gloves or anything else when handling brass. I tumble my brass in a dry corncob media that seems to keep things clean through the loading process.

Regarding production loading, I don't believe that 800-X is suitable for "production" work. It meters like crap and I hand weigh every 800-X load that I charge - even for modest pressure loads. A7 or Blue Dot will work better in my opinion.

I use Blue Dot a lot for my 180 grain volume load. BD meters reasonably well, and my RCBS powder throws charges pretty consistently at +/- less than a tenth of a grain. As a lot of folks do, I weigh every 8 or 10 charges to ensure that I'm getting consistent weights. Once the powder throw is setup, it goes pretty quickly.

A7 meters supremely, and I am confident using a powder throw for charges up to what I would consider near hot. However, I hand weigh every charge that approaches maxes no matter what type of powder. I intend to experiment with A7 for my volume load and possibly convert from Blue Dot. A7 is not flashy like Blue Dot.

I make a habit of hand weighing my charges when "working up" a new load. I do that to eliminate, as much as possible, variables.
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