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Originally Posted by Mach5 View Post
Creekside is waaaaaay the heck out there. It was a 1:15 drive for me from Vinings/Smyrna. The range itself was decent (very muddy though and no paved road) but the range guy (early 20's?) had a serious attitude problem. Seriously, if he doesn't have anything nice to say, he should leave his customers alone. I paid my money and followed all rules but he was either really bored (nobody else was there) or just inherently an argumentitive prick.

There's a public range a little further up I-75 (same driving time though) called Chestnut Mountain.

Take exit 320 off I-75 and head WEST on Resaca Lafayette Rd/Route 136. After a few miles you'll reach the end and you'll be forced to turn either right or left. Turn RIGHT (I think it's still called Resaca Lafayette Rd/136) and go about 1000 feet and on your right side you will see a dirt road with a sign for Chestnut Mountain Rd. Take the dirt road and you'll end at the shooting range. $5 admission (in an envelope). Be honest. If not, the park rangers may check the payment box and see your car's license plate didn't pay. Then you will be in a world of pain.

I haven't tried the range in Adairsville yet.

Is there any outdoor range CLOSER to Smyrna/Vinings? I'm willing to pay for a membership but I don't want to drive more than 30 minutes. :P

Otherwise I may as well go to Chestnut Mt.
I had the same experience - I live in the same area as you do. So far the best place is South River. I was a member but it is too far and too expensive. I've gone there for IDPA.

Shooting is getting expensive when you add up the gas and cost of ammo these days.
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