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I want a MK9 with a 3.5" barrel

Or is it a K9 with a 6+1 grip size?

I love my MK9. It fits nicely at 1:00 in a highnoon IWB. Forget it's there. It shoots like a dream and conceals nicely. I think the extra 1/2" on the barrel would help with accuracy at distance.

Has Kahr ever made such a gun? (No, per my reading)

I have seen the threads where folks have cut down their P9 to make grip lengths fitting their MK9 mags. Has anyone ever done this with a K9? THis would cut of fthe lower grip screw, I think, and I'm wondering if the frame would remain sound and have a spot to set a new screw/bushing.

Why is the K9 the only SS pistol in their line-up that requires upgrade to "elite" to get away from the NYPD trigger?

ETA: this therad at kahr talk has a photo of a "covert" converted K9 [URL][/URL]

Kahr Club

ETA2 Now that I know the "covert" lingo, a search of this site has provided much to read. . . Processing. . .

Would someone post a pic of their K9 with the grip off? I promise not to leer.

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