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Originally Posted by INJoker View Post
I can't wait to pose questions on the following topics:

9mm versus .45 ACP
Both, for different reasons.
Why .40 S&W KBs

How 10mm might end the world
The kool-aid is spiked.

Glock versus 1911
Both, for different reasons.

Shotgun, Rifle, or Pistol for home defense
All three, don't be a moron.

Isosceles versus Weaver
Whatever works for whoever.

Clips and Magazines
Whatever works for you.

Why expensive guns come in cheap boxes
The world may never know.

Concealing/carrying in restricted areas without being caught
Do not pass go, do not collect 200$

Whether or not a "no weapons" sign was properly displayed
For legal purposes they are always properly displayed.
But not when I don't see em.
Getting out of speeding tickets
HA, don't speed?
How to get a restraining order and/or stalking charges dropped
Go get laid.
How to make my Glock fully automatic
1. Go to your Glock armorer. 2. Tell him you're an idiot.
3. Realize that you're never going to accomplish anything in life.
When it is acceptable to brandish or threaten with a firearm
Only when your willing to use it and accept the consequences that you will be spending the rest of your life and possibly many other lives stuck in a very small padded or concrete room.
Personally, I like the padded room. Good luck.
Don't worry I am an expert in DA. I've got these questions covered.
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