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The MK9, the PM9 and the P9 Covert all use the same Mags. (Kahr did make a P9 Covert and a P40 Covert). I owned a MK40 and a P40 Covert at the same time. I found the MK40 and the P40 Covert shot about the same. Trigger, trigger placement and grip all about the same.

The biggest difference is the dustcover. The Dustcover on the MK40 is thinner then the P40 Covert. Because of this "finely boned" or tightly molded holsters made for Steel Frame Kahrs will not fit Polymer Framed Kahrs. So I have some holster that fit both and some that don't.

Once I bought the P40 Covert, my MK40 became a safe queen. I sold the MK40 to a friend who now uses it as his concealed carry piece.

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