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Get the best stuff you can afford.

For precesion tools a less expensive brand is Fowler or SGI
I am afried in this area the best is the most expensive. I have aquired tools over twenty years and have top line and made in china cheapies.
Guess what they work.
Now I am going to dissagree with eisman you can get some tools from Lowes
,hammerers, pilers etc.
I use MSC for my machine shop stuff. Also use Grizzly and Smithy as I have both machines.

I use screwdrivers from Grace,Foster, and a set from Midway and Brownells that are interchangeable bits drivers.
Also use on Kobolt four way from Lowes and one my wife bought me from I don't know where.
I use pin punches and screwdrivers from Northan Hydro.

And tools purchased from jewlery supply houses. I can send you some links if you want.
Purchased and used tools from Microtools and yes Harbour Freight. In fact I just picked up a little air compessor there for airbrush use. I found a finish sprayer that will work for $14.00.

And I have a drawer full of files and Know how to use them. Certifed toolmaker and graduated from Trinidad State Junior college with a AAS in gunsmithing.
Oh if you an'it noticed I can't spell very well , either.
Here is a thought purchase a begainnier set from Brownells and buy you a set of Stareet pin punches.
For the special dimple punches a Craftsman pin punch and a moto-tool and a carbide bit . Presto.
And learn to grind your own bits as eisman said.
You can make punches froom tool steel and heat treating them your self.

For a full shop with a small 3-in-1 mill and a 12-36 Grizzly lathe and welders and tools I don't know how much $ 45,000
Remeber started from nothing and collected tools and jigs for twenty years.
YOu have to start somewhere.
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