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Lets talk ammo

Ok Im working up too getting really good groups with my 22 and I want to start shoot some bushy tails out at 85 - 100 yards. So Im looking for extreme accuracy. What brands and loads are you guys seeing the best accuracy, least amount of drop.

I had it sighted at 50yard and when I backed out too 100 my winchester 333 bulk dropped almost 12 inches HOLY Crap. My rem subsonics dropped even more, but they did seem to fly straighter. So Im going to the high quality stuff.

Picked up
aguila .22 interceptor - 40grain and claims 1470fps
Rem yello jacket hyper velocity - 33 grains - 1075 fps at 100yard
not tested these yet

what are u guys using for some long range 22 action.
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