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Originally Posted by HOV View Post
I hear you Nick. But I'm never going to get to the point of controlled tests - it's just a matter of dialing in what works for me. Thus far, DT isn't working well with my human/machine system.

Keep in mind, before my original post I also went through some full strength Buffalo Bore ammunition, which made okay groupings for me. Not the best I've ever shot, but my groups had the kind of variability I would expect for shooting full power stuff in a new gun. The DT groups were ridiculously bad. I just don't shoot like that.

I cleaned and examined my brass after the range today and found something interesting. Here's a picture of two Remington casings (left), two DT casings (center), and two Buffalo Bore casings (right). Forgive the distortion - I was using a wide angle macro lens:

All Remington cases were intact after one firing. All Double Tap casings after one firing had the marks you see in the picture - what could be the beginning of case/head separation or split neck.

Most of the Starline brass used in the Buffalo Bore loads was good to go even after having been reloaded and fired twice... except one Buffalo Bore casing which actually did separate after the reload was fired:

So in terms of reload-abliity, DT isn't scoring well for me so far either. I will not re-use that brass.
I hear ya, man.... and I wanna reiterate, I'm not tryin' to come across as being rude. It may very well just be a bad batch of ammo or simply that your Glock doesn't like DT ammo. Also, you have being doing all one could be expected to do in a situation like yours (aside from the "controlled" tests, lol) and you have communicated your ideas well on here. I had REALLY bad accuracy with some of DT's wide flat nose hunting loads before that I could NOT attribute to anything else than 1) my gun didn't like the ammo or 2) the ammo was bad..... and I remember getting a lot of push-back on the forums from people insisting that it was my shooting.... so I understand about you wanting to figure it out.

As for the empty DT cases... they don't look good, you're right. I might call DT and ask if they have had any other problems with that lot of ammo. Glock barrels are loose but that looks to be bordering on unsafe. I could be wrong but DT will set you straight. They are good people. If its not DT, Glock might also say to send them the barrel and they might replace it. Who knows. I know that my Glock 20 and current G29 DT empties don't look like that, nor do the DT loads I've fired from my Razorback.

Good luck and let us know!
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