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Originally Posted by COWBOYSHOOTER View Post
Shootin stuff at 100yards with a 22 is fun. Maybe I am just old and blind or somethin in the world are you seein a squirrel at 100 yards well enough to even consider takin a shot? Perhaps I just dont get it?

I applaud your quest for 100 yard accuracy with a 22! I shoot clay pigeons with my K22 at 100 yards. Wouldnt even consider shootin at a squirrel that far. Most of the ones I've whacked with a 22 where well inside 10 yards. Plenty inside 5.

if I was gonna shoot at squirrels that far...I'm bringin my 17.
With a scope ? seeing one that far is easy ? I already hit one at 75 yards, it was a head shot too boot.
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