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Originally Posted by mengle View Post
Question.....anyone sell their G19 and buy the P30 and have regrets? I am very close to making the switch, but am looking for honest opinions.

As I noted above, the HK 45c was incredible and my first HK. Now I have the bug and cannot stop until I buy another!

Thanks in advance.

I've not regretted my decision one bit.
I definately prefer the P30 over the Glock19.

I'll never say anything negative about Glocks because they're fine pistols,
but I prefer an external hammer and the SA/DA trigger.

A P30 would make an excellent companion to your HK45C.

If your just looking for an HK replacement for your G19, you might also
consider the USP9 Compact. It's close in size to the G19, and one
great 9mm compact.
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