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I bought a new M&P9c (it had never been fired & had a test cartridge date of Aug 2009) so it had been in stock for a few months (thumb ambi-safty) which I wanted as it will be one of my instructor guns - and I like the idea of a newbe being able to safe the gun in the event of a malfunction. Took it to the range and on the second shot the epoxy paint white dot front sight disappeared down range. Called S&W on a thursday and explained what had happened -- but the gun functioned flawlessly and I was able to put every round in the 10 ring with no flyers outside of the 8 ring at 7 yards. They said they would send me a shipping label & or a new front sight. They thought the shop might have used a corrosive solvent to clean the outside of the gun for case display. I opted for the sight and it arrived on monday am. Great service!
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