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G17 Full Strip, help put my mind at ease

So I just completed my first full G17 tear down so that I could clean it all up back to new. There's a few thousand rounds through it so I thought it would be a good idea.

I used the Glock Unofficial Armorer's Guide which was very comprehensive and take down and reassembly went very smoothly. Here;s my problem though. After I reassembled the gun I did a dry fire test and it seemed to me that the trigger might be rubbing against something. The first stage of the trigger pull seems to be a little tighter than I remember, almost as if it's rubbing against something halfway through.

Now this could in fact just be my own brain being really sensitive and pretending like something isn't the same as it was but I can't be sure so my question to anyone who thinks they can help me is this: Is there supposed to be some resistance half way through the first stage of the trigger pull or did I possibly mess something up? If I did how can I fix it?

I took apart a few more times and nothing looks out of order at all. I wish I had another Glock to compare it with. Your help is MUCH appreciated
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