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I went out back yesterday evening and took CCI minimag rd nose, Federal classic rd nose, and Remington golden bullets hp. I ran a bore snake through it as soon as got out back. First I shot the Federals and they fed real well. 3 mags with no incidence. Ran the bore snake through her a couple times and loaded the CCI. On the 6th shot it failed to eject and jammed open. With a little flick of the finger it popped out and fed the other bullet. Finished the mag and ran another. Another FTE about half way through that mag. Same solution. The last mag shot okay. Ran the snake through it again and loaded the Remingtons HPs. Thought they might give me trouble but they cycled great. After that I shot several more mags of each. The Federal ran good except for a couple fail to fires. The CCI constantly was giving me trouble with failure to eject. Almost every mag. The Remington cycled flawlessy. As of now I like the Remington out of that selection.
I have a Federal 550 pack HP, A newer 100 pk of CCI rd nose and a CCI 100 pack of HP, plus more Federal classic and Remington golden bullets to experiment with. Hell this gun only had 30 shots through it till last evening.
It just needs broken in. Here's a stock pic of it. Notice the safety is off.
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