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Originally Posted by KCTanfoglio View Post
I'm with you, Andy. My 1st Kahr was a CW9. I liked it so much I got a PM9, then a P380. I've been looking for a decent used PM45, but they are scare or people don't want to sell them.

I have a G36 which I am completely happy with, but in a few weeks, it's just going to be too much baggage to haul around in hot, sweaty weather. PM in the belt, G36 on the night stand.
I called the two biggest dealers in my area, and neither was able to locate a CW45 for me. I bought mine on GunBroker, new for $399. I am very fond of this gun. I hope I will have no further issues. The accuracy is as good as my Glock, and the ergonomics are far better. I am somewhat concerned about the nylon frame rails, but if they were an issue I guess I would have read about it by now. The bore looked rough when new, but has polished out nicely after 120 rounds of hardball.
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