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Originally Posted by williamcthomas View Post
I was living in Maryland in 2003 when I had some firearms stolen. Recently the Maryland PD contacted me to say one was recovered by Nassau Co. LI PD and gave me a phone number to call. They said to write a letter to them and wait, but offered no details, contact, or even an address. Additional calls have not helped. I suspect they are giving me the runaround.

The Maryland PD couldn't help. They only said "good luck".

What can I do to get my property returned? Should I seek a lawyer on LI?. Who would you recommend?

The address for Nassau County Police Department is:

NCPD Headquarters
1490 Franklin Ave.
Mineola, NY 11501
516-573-7000 (main switchboard).

I would start out w/ any contact information, case # or contact officer and go from there.

If you do not claim your gun(s) within 1 year they will be destroyed as a nuisance weapon.

I would start by sending them a letter that you do not want your weapon destroyed and provide them w/ a copy of any police report you may have filed in MD and include as much information as possible (make, model, serial #) Request a name and point of contact to speak w/ in your letter to discuss how you will be able to take possession of your weapons.

I would expect you will probably have to hire a Nassau County FFL (not just any FFL, but one who has a NY/Nassau Pistol license) to go to NCPD HQ take possession of them and then transfer them back to your local FFL.

Your first phone call should be to their Pistol License Section as they are the ones who deal w/ this kind of stuff the most.

If you PM me I can steer you towards an FFL who can help you w/ this (no I have no financial interest w/ them).

Expect to have to jumpt through your ass and deal w/ a lot of stupidity in getting your personal property back.

Good luck.
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