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Originally Posted by Constructor View Post
I understand now. Have you shot for groups with iron sights?
If everything you have shot is FMJ you may want to try a different bullet like 69gr Sierra Match Kings from Black Hills or Federal.
The truth is many production barrels are loose in the muzzle and spray bullets, the 69 SMK seems to work much better in those loose barrels.
The second check is borrow a scope from someone and try it just to narrow down the problem.
i have never used iron sites lol. Is it possible to have a gunsmith analyze my colt match target? Man, i thought i had a high quality 223.

The ironic thing about this is that my very first gun was a Marlin 600 22lr with a cheap scope. I still have it and it's the most accurate rifle i've ever owned!!LOL i get 100 yard groups with in 2 inches.

What other types of bullets you recommend for my 1:9 twist 16 inch barrel besides the 69SMKs ???


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