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Originally Posted by 9x45 View Post
. IPDA was invented by Bill Wilson, an IPSC champion back in the day. Shoot both, see what you like.
Not only was idpa invented by Bill Wilson. He OWNS it lock stock & barrel. He has the gold & he makes the rules. No committee, no polls, just his decisions.

Try both games, see which one you like best but you don't have to join uspsa to shoot at most local clubs. You will need to join idpa if you intend to shoot more than a couple of times. If you like both, sounds like the decision will be made for you. Also, if they are completely separate clubs, figure out which group of guys you fit in with better. Some clubs are just downright unfriendly to new guys so no sense in tethering yourself to those jerks.

I personally enjoy the run & gun freestyle you solve the problem yourself format of uspsa. I've never enjoyed people telling me "do this here, do that there & don't deviate or it is a penalty" but to each their own.

It is easier though to start idpa since they give you very specific instructions on what to do where.

Give competition shooting a try... don't let yourself be scared off by the thought of how poorly you may do. It is a learning experience, and only those willing to swallow their egos and take the plunge will ever reap the rewards.

Andy C.
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