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Originally Posted by jesse_james View Post
I have the LG-617 that fits gen 3 g20's with the two groove pin provided but am having a hard time instaling. Does any one have helpful advice with this situation if you have installed on this model only. With the smaller pin I installed it on a g-17 with no problems and it says it will fit a 3rd gen g-20 with thelarger pin and my buddy has one but it was installed at a gunshop... HELP

The LG 617 will only fit G20's with serial numbers A thur H any G20's made with serial numbers G or after will not fit. They will fit all G20sf's. I had the same issue with a N series G20. Called CT about this and they gave me this information. They said that they have no plans to make one for the newer G20's They claim Glock relocated the rear pin hole. Called Glock on this and Glock claims they made no changes in the frames. I believe CT. Unless you have huge hands the CT will make the G20 grip too big.

I bought a Lasermax but have issues with the lasermax also. They make only one slide lock activation switch which does not do a good job with the G20's Its not long enough. If the activation switch worked better I would love this laser. As it is I like it. It is very very accurate with no adjustments needed.
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