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Originally Posted by Dave T View Post
I've tried 4 different DT loads (two 180s and two 200s) in two different 10mms. Accuracy was poor to bad with all, compared to Silvertips, Hornady and Georgia Arms reloads. They also switched bullets (Hornady to Montana Gold) without notifying me or properly labeling the ammo. I will not be buying any more ammunition from DT.


PS: Should have mentioned I do my testing at 20-25 yards. Groups with DT run 5-6 inches. The other stuff is more like 2-2.5 inches, this for 5 shot groups from two hand supported position.
I have to agree with you about DT. I have had accuracy problems with their ammo for the last year. I have measured OAL's on their loads and they are all over the place. Mostly below 1.250 I have had DT 165 Remmington GS measured as low as 1.243 and some in the same box 1.252. This alone will cause some accuracy issues. I think that Montana Golds are decent bullets. Their are very consistant weight wise. I have measured a hundred or so bullets and they have all been within .3 gr of 165. Can't say that for Speer or Golden Sabers. I have had variations as much as + or - 3 to 4 grains of 165 with both of those bullets. I wonder if anyone can tell me how ell the Montana's open up.
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