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Originally Posted by MTPD View Post
(5) Ignore all the "please don't start a gunfight" nonsense you see on the net. In my police experience, hardly anyone hit by surprise with a powerful COM upper torso JHP is able to shoot back. If they can't shoot back, there is no "gunfight".
Ignore all the Rambo nonsense you see on the net, usually issued by wannabes with no vetted police experience.

The fallacy in the quoted post is obvious. The shot BG doesn't need to "shoot back," he just needs to be able to pull the trigger before dying. Handgun rounds notoriously don't instantly vaporize anyone. Don't conflate "accurate aimed return fire from the BG to you" with "gunfight." If the BG is squeezing off rounds, bystanders, clerks, or you could get shot.

That said, that doesn't means you don't shoot the BG. It means you THINK about the totality of the situation and assess what's the best course of action. Sometimes shoot, sometimes not.

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