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Originally Posted by MTPD View Post
Exactly! But instead of it being the helpless victim that dies, odds are that it will be the armed robber.

It comes down to this, who would you rather see die, the innocent victim or the vicious armed felon?

Being from the "Olde School of Police Work", I don't understand the modern cop mentality of not wanting anyone (including perps) to get hurt. In my day, dangerous armed felons were authorized targets and we didn't care if they lived or died. If they were lucky, we gave them a split-second to surrender. If they surrendered, fine. If they didn't, we dropped them. And contrary to Playboy's experience, none hit solidly was ever was able to fire back. (Not that it can't happen, but it never did in my experience.)

The people we did care about were the innocent victims we were expected to, and did, protect. Unlike some modern cops, like those in charge at Columbine who didn't even try to protect the innocent until after it was too late.
I do not see much validity in your statements. I do not think most cops care of a perp gets hurt. They do not want to see non-deadly encounters escalated to deadly ones. I do not see any evidence to support drawing on an armed person results in them dying more often than the person drawing second either.
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