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Re: MTPD -

One of our regular officers in Coptalk has a quote from MTPD as a sig line; it's "advice" similar to the above, and mentions something about when going hands-on with a subject, the officer should drop the magazine from his gun, and rely on a backup piece.

If that's how that did it in the old days, then it's amazing ANY officers survived to make it to retirement. I'm fairly sure folks like Dragoon, Seanmac, and Blueiron weren't taught/didn't teach weapon retention in such a fashion. I know I haven't been taught anything remotely resembling such idiocy, and if I were, I'd ignore it and likely wouldn't participate in such jackassery.

Oh, and MTPD -

I've seen scars on inmates who've taken multiple hits on center mass from handguns; one that stands out took some .44 Magnum rounds in his torso. I'm fairly sure that, since he was breathing and talking to me, he survived. Pistol calibers aren't the best for stopping folks who are seriously dedicated to trying to kill you.

For those who don't know MTPD - he puts out some very....out there...advice.
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