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Originally Posted by MTPD View Post
OK, I give up. Go ahead and do like the modern-day so-called "experts" here suggest and meekly hand over your wallet, your wife, your kids and your manhood to any slime-ball with a gun. Then submissively curl up on the floor in the forlorn hope you and yours won't be executed, and cry for your mama! It won't bother me a bit if you do, and David, Dgg, et al, will love you for it.

Above all, if you do somehow scrape up the courage to resist armed felons, please don't shoot first, fast and accurate like I advise. If you do, you just might drop the BG......and the mamsy-pamsy media certainly won't like that!
I don't think anyone is saying to just surrender in every circumstance, but to use your head. This stuff is so situational that a "kill, kill, kill!" response isn't the best course of action in every can't teach every scenario, so why pretend there's only one answer and everyone else is an idiot.

Like I've said before, it's not always "Can I shoot?" it's "Do I have to shoot?". If you are/were a cop in a town with some population density you probably saw a few things and had a couple experiences which could have gotten'd also realize what motivates a crook to commit armed robberies. They like the money!!! It enables their addictions...if all they want is to grab a couple bucks and run, why inject yourself into the mix? I'm talking about a citizen, not a cop.

Is a pack of Newports and $40 bucks worth getting killed over?

(5) Ignore all the "Oh Lordy, please don't start a gunfight Matilda!" nonsense you see on the net. In my police experience, hardly anyone hit by surprise with a powerful COM upper torso JHP is able to shoot back. If they can't shoot back, there is no "gunfight

The obvious: CNS=DRT, heart=dead in a minute

Dead men kill...go google up the north hollywood BOA robbery or Platt and Mattix.

I've seen a lot of walking wounded...crook on crook shootings, granted a lot were with substandard handguns and ammo, but it's an indicator of combat accuracy. For every guy that was laying down, 10 were running/walking. Don't fool yourself into thinking you can keep your **** wired tight or that some fool who doesn't practice/has never aimed a weapon at a living person is going to turn into a gunfighter....

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