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Originally Posted by pascal View Post
Hello larry1096,
In your opinion, what makes this such an immediate and severe of a problem? I am dumb enough to need to know the answer to that question, so if you would please elaborate. Thanks in advance.
Let me preface this with a reminder that I'm not a gunsmith-just a fellow who'd built a few guns and worked on them for personal use:

What you're seeing is the thumb safety not engaging completely, and allowing the sear to move out of engagement with the hammer slightly. Without knowing the sear geometry and other details, you have no real way of knowing how close the hammer is to being released. Also, a very hard pull on the trigger will likely move the sear more.

Essentially, you're no longer certain the safety is working-'working' means working completely correctly, IMHO-and I wouldn't carry the gun depending on such a safety to keep holes out of me or those around me.



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