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Originally Posted by fastbolt View Post
Bear in mind that sometimes a firearm may be pushed to the front for what S&W considers an emergency when it comes to service/repair. This sort of thing is described in the back of the safety & instruction manual ...

"In the event of an emergency (repairs needed by law enforcement, an upcoming match or hunting trip), call 1-800-331-0852, ext. 2905 and ask for 911 Priority Repair Service. This allows you to speak with a Smith & Wesson representative. Immediately upon receipt, your firearm will be assigned to a gunsmith."
I have no issue with that. My issue - same as I have with any other service from gun repair to pizza delivery - is that you should provide the service within the time that YOU quote. I can't stand that crap. If it takes 4-5 weeks, tell me it takes 4-5 weeks. Don't tell me 2-3 and then hope for the best.
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