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Sig X-Five L1

Frame: Stainless steel
Slide: Stainless steel
Unloaded weight: 46.2oz
Price: $2000-$2500
Action: SAO

Accuracy: 10
Trigger: 10
Ergonomics: 9
Grips: 10
Sights: 9
Controls: 8
Finish: 10
Build quality: 10

Overall rating: 9.5

What's not to like? Hand built in Germany, the X-Five Level 1 is a supremely capable pistol. The trigger is incredible and also fully adjustable, the Nill grips are second to none, and the gun can group at 100 yards. On top of all that, its fit and finish are truly a sight to behold. It may be the best pure shooter Sig ever built.

General Firearms Forum

General Firearms Forum

Sig P210-6

Frame: Steel
Slide: Steel
Unloaded weight: 34.6oz
Price: $2500-$4000
Action: SAO

Accuracy: 9
Trigger: 8
Ergonomics: 8
Grips: 9
Sights: 5
Controls: 4
Finish: 7
Build quality: 10

Overall rating: 7.5

While its a legendary pistol, the P210 is showing its 60+ year age here. Regardless of the rating, it one of my favorite pistols. However, there are reasons it only rates a 7.5 on my scale. In all fairness, the P210 started life as a military gun, not a target pistol, so its ergonomics aren't as nice as some modern models. What really hurts the score is the rather thin bluing on the frame and terrible frame mounted safety. Its one of the most awkward in all of handgunning. Still, the P210 is a Swiss legend that will keep rising in value. I'm looking to add a heavy frame model one day.

General Firearms Forum

General Firearms Forum
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