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Pardini GT-9

Frame: Aluminum
Slide: Steel
Unloaded weight: 38.0oz
Price: $2000
Action: SAO

Accuracy: 9
Trigger: 10
Ergonomics: 7
Grips: 8
Sights: 8
Controls: 9
Finish: 8
Build quality: 9

Overall rating: 8.5

Here we have a very specialized target pistol in the Italian Pardini GT-9. It rates a solid 8.5 on my scale and one of my favorites at the range. The trigger is its strongest point, as is the overall smoothness of the gun. Its just a very slick pistol. The aluminum frame keeps this large pistol under 40oz, but its still very solid all around. I believe they're imported only through Larry's Guns these days.

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General Firearms Forum

Smith & Wesson PC952

Frame: Steel
Slide: Steel
Unloaded weight: 40.4oz
Price: $1500-$2000
Action: SAO

Accuracy: 10
Trigger: 9
Ergonomics: 8
Grips: 8
Sights: 10
Controls: 6
Finish: 10
Build quality: 10

Overall rating: 8.9

Only a very poor safety kept this stellar pistol from a rating over 9. Since the safety doesn't come into play at the range, its probably my favorite non-1911 target pistol. Build quality, finish, and attention to detail are impeccable. Along with the X-Five, I shoot this gun 100 yards on occasion with surprising results. Again, like the X-Five, it may be the best pistol S&W ever built, which says a great deal.

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General Firearms Forum
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