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Benelli B76

Frame: Steel
Slide: Steel
Unloaded weight: 34.6oz
Price: $600-$900
Action: DA/SA

Accuracy: 8
Trigger: 5
Ergonomics: 6
Grips: 7
Sights: 7
Controls: 5
Finish: 7
Build quality: 7

Overall rating: 6.5

Why did I include this, you ask? Well, because its an accurate, fixed barrel steel pistol. While its clearly overmatched here, it is a nicely done pistol and certainly very rare. Once again, the DA/SA trigger didn't help its rating, nor did the horrendous safety and odd mag release. Ergonomics are average, but the pistol puts a smile on my face, simply because its so unique. It also has the accuracy to hold its own in this group of high performers.

General Firearms Forum

General Firearms Forum


Frame: Steel
Slide: Steel
Unloaded weight: 40.8oz
Price: $600-$800
Action: SAO

Accuracy: 6
Trigger: 8
Ergonomics: 9
Grips: 8
Sights: 5
Controls: 9
Finish: 7
Build quality: 8

Overall rating: 7.5

Honestly, I love this French service pistol. It reminds me of a Browning HP, but with a much, much better stock trigger and a more solid feel. The ergonomics, grips, and controls are outstanding for my hands and I love the near 41oz of weight at the range. It features a rotating barrel, as a cool touch. Accuracy may not be quite as good as most the others, but there's no doubt the MAB belongs in this comparison. It actually rated as high as the Sig P210. While its not comparable on many levels, its makes up for quite a bit because it fits me well.

General Firearms Forum

General Firearms Forum
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