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Walther P88

Frame: Aluminum
Slide: Steel
Unloaded weight: 31.6oz
Price: $800-$1300
Action: SA/DA

Accuracy: 8
Trigger: 7
Ergonomics: 7
Grips: 6
Sights: 9
Controls: 9
Finish: 7
Build quality: 8

Overall rating: 7.6

The P88 is Walther's aluminum framed service pistol introduced in 1988, hence the name. The price was nearly $1000, which was unheard of in the late 80's, and ultimately doomed the pistol. Aside from all that, what we have here is an outstanding quality service pistol that performs very well at the range. It has one of the best DA/SA triggers I've ever used and some impressive accuracy as well. Controls are well-placed and completely ambidextrous. While I didn't rate these pistols on looks, the P88 may be the nicest looking of the bunch.

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General Firearms Forum

Browning Hi-Power Competition

Frame: Steel
Slide: Steel
Unloaded weight: 36.4oz
Price: $800-$1200
Action: SAO

Accuracy: 7
Trigger: 7
Ergonomics: 9
Grips: 8
Sights: 6
Controls: 7
Finish: 6
Build quality: 8

Overall rating: 7.2

This was FN's attempt to make a competition ready Hi-Power out of the box. While they managed to ruin all the HP's great looks in the process, it does have some enhancements worth discussing. First would be the trigger, it feels about half the weight of standard HP and certainly helps improve its accuracy. The longer barrel also helps, as does the extra weight attached at the end of the slide. While I love the control placement, the small safety is so hard to manipulate, it managed only a "7" rating.

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General Firearms Forum
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