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Originally Posted by aggiekcc View Post
I am just getting into reloading and I purchased the Classic Turret from Lee. I have everything mounted and am currently trying to get the Lee Deluxe 4 die set ready to go. I think after buckling a 4-5 cases, I finally figured out that the directions for the 40/10mm are for the 40 cal cases when installing the powder die and the bullet seating die. Was wondering if I am the only idiot that did that?

Finally just backed the powder die out until is just barely flares the case and then backed the bullet seat die out and fine tuned the bullet seat adjustment to get 1.255 to 1.26 OAL and let the crimp die do the crimping.

Any other suggestions for a newb with respect to getting the dies set correctly? I will post a pic of my new setup when I get it all ready. I do like the way the Lee Auto Prime and Auto Disk seem to work with the auto indexing turret. Seems like a really good setup. We'll see after a bit!
no, not the only one. If I had it to do all over, I would have use the first hundred brass and bullets to make dummy rounds. Then pulled the bullets and perfect each step over and over. I'm still learning. Practice makes perfect.Read all info on dies. Theres alot on youtube about lee dies also. Goodluck.
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