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Over the counter spray paint can result in a passable camo finish for your rifle; I've seen many PD issue rifles come through our shop with "Krylon Camo" finishes. Such a finish will not be as durable as most professional camo jobs which utilize commecial grade coatings/paint that is generally not available to the public but tends to hold up a bit better. Also, some of the new multi-cam patterns are being applied with a film transfer process that alllows for more detail and a smaller pattern than would be obtainable with any spray process.

The single most important thing in applying any finish is the surface preparation - it must be completely free of any oil, dust, dirt, etc. Then use the best quality paint you can find. We have no first hand experience with them, but Brownells offers some camo paints & products that should be a good place to start. Be sure to get a product or products that are compatible with the metal as well as the stock material. Please let us know if we can offer any further advice.

Good luck with your project, be sure to post some pictures when your done!
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