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.17 HMR... Savage or Marlin?

Although I don't really need one, I'm thinking about adding it to the collection.
A friend has the savage 17 hmr, basic blued, no accutrigger... and I really like the little caliber for some stupid reason. just a great truck gun.

I have had in the past, a .22 magnum heavy blued Savage, and it was a shooter. They only thing I did not care for was the magazines... P.I.A.
I handled the Marlin version yesterday, and the mag. design was much better... but the trigger was terribly heavy...

I know both are pretty accurate guns, maybe edge to the savage, but I'm kinda stuck...

-get a savage and deal with the mags, but have a great trigger
- get the marlin, have good mags, and shell out extra for a trigger job, or drop in...

I'm leaning to the heavy SS synthetic stock version of either. if that matters?
Any of those sweet 17 scopes, with bullet comp worth a damn btw...?
or just get good reputable glass...?
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