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I don't put any crimp on my bullets at all - - BUT, I only flare the mouth JUST enough to allow the bullet to be seated into the case evenly.

This probably is not the right way to do it, and in addition, I did over flare the mouth on one cartridge. I suppose if I hadn't reloaded rifle cartridges in the past, I would have done the same thing you did by crushing down the cases like that.

The bullet on the far right and the one just to the left of that one looked good from what I could see - I expect they both had the same crimp on them, just one is longer than the other?

I have been using 1.25" COAL for most of my 10mm hand loads. One thing I noticed is that the double tap rounds I purchased were loaded to a COAL of approximately 1.24"...

Looking forward to buying a chrono one of these days so I can do some playing around with some of these different specs of the round.
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