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This is a repost I put in the reload section earlier...

People, people, people...if you want quality 100% reliable hadloaded ammunition for semiauto pistols do yourself a favor seat bullets to depth without any crimp being applied, then taper crimp to remove the flair or secure the bullet in a seperate step. It is that simple! There are spacer rings which can be utilized to raise the seater die up to avoid the crimp application...Redding still makes these and Midway USA still sells them...

One ther thing those who are utilizing used brass especiall 40S&W invest in a push thru sizer die like the Lee or Redding, this will insure that you are getting a full sizing of the many bulged cases near the extractor cut. If not sized all the way your cartridge may not pass a cartridge gauge test.

That is all, carry on! Be safe and do it right!
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