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Originally Posted by gunreviewonmyspace View Post
I have the P2000 as an issued weapon. I really, really hate it. It is super finiky with ammo even when spotless. The LEM trigger is a joke at best, the slide stop sometimes catches on my strong hand tumb and prevents slide lock, and the magazine release is absolutely absurd. Please don't further this insanity by purchasing this pos.

The USP full sized isn't great, but better, the .40cal compact is pretty much the same deal. POS.

The P30 has a pretty good feel man. If you are insistent on going with one of the HKs for ccw that is probably your best bet. Definitely 9mm though. Both the USP, and p2000 that I have fired were in .40cal, and very ammo picky, never fully reliable.

Thought about a glock/xd/M&P/Sig?
I don't have a p2000 , but I do have a uspc .40 a P30 9mm , p30 .40 and a HK45. All LEM. Some people don't like the LEM trigger (most that don't fully understand it ) but it is not even close to being a joke.
None of my HK's have ever had a malfunction of any kind and if you don't care for HK's that's your right, but they are not POS's by any stretch.
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