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Originally Posted by H&K 4 LIFE View Post
However, saying things such as "the LEM trigger is a joke" and the "mag. release is absurd" is borderline bogus.

I have a P2000SK, P30, and USPc .45. The P2000SK is LEM; the P30 is TDA. I have parts to change the USPc to variants 2, 6, 10, and LEM. The LEM trigger is what you make of it. If you devote time to practice with it, it'll serve you well. I like it.

The mag release is also a non-issue if you practice with it. I can do magazine changes with my P30 faster than I can with any gun with a traditionally placed magazine release.

As far as concealment goes, the P2000SK is going to be the best, followed by the P2000, then P30/USP series. However, with the proper holster and attire, any can be easily concealed. One thing to note is that the grip texture on the P30 makes it uncomfortable on bare skin and it may pill some clothing (from my experience).
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