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Originally Posted by gunreviewonmyspace View Post
I have the P2000 as an issued weapon. I really, really hate it. It is super finiky with ammo even when spotless. The LEM trigger is a joke at best, the slide stop sometimes catches on my strong hand tumb and prevents slide lock, and the magazine release is absolutely absurd. Please don't further this insanity by purchasing this pos.

The USP full sized isn't great, but better, the .40cal compact is pretty much the same deal. POS.

The P30 has a pretty good feel man. If you are insistent on going with one of the HKs for ccw that is probably your best bet. Definitely 9mm though. Both the USP, and p2000 that I have fired were in .40cal, and very ammo picky, never fully reliable.

Thought about a glock/xd/M&P/Sig?
I've never had a stoppage of any kind with any of my HKs, or really even heard of any (except the guy who was on youtube throwing his P2Ksk LEM in the mud).

I've also never had any kind of stoppages with my 19C with 2,500~ down the pipe.

Might be worth noting that I only shoot 9mm pistols...but it sounds like you have a lemon. HKs' stong springs like heavier bullets, but 115s have never caused jams/failures or anything but a bang a flash a hole and an extraction.

OP: For carry, skip the USPs if you carry IWB. I had a USPc that was simply too wide, though I loved everything else about the gun. The P30 is bigger, though slightly thinner in the slide, and the grips a tad bigger and a lot longer than the USPc (BTW the USPf is a monster). That said, the P30 is probably the best made all around 9x19 on the market...mine will be a range queen. The P2K is the best option you mentioned, it's about Glock 19 sized, maybe a bit smaller with a flat baseplate on the mag. It's excepted world wide for LEO use, and was given the US government's largest contract for a handgun for the TSA and several other federal agencies whose necessity is questionable.

All that said:

If you're serious about concealed carry, carrying everyday and you've accepted the conceal carry lifestyle, you want the best most practical CC handgun ever made...
It's the best carry pistol ever made. Frame and slide machined from a solid block of steel. Lowest bore access on any pistol ever. More accurate than any of the pistols you mentioned above. 4" barrel in small, perfect for CC size. Thin as all get out. Fixed barrel. Safest pistol ever made to draw, cock and quickly fire accurately from an uncocked and totally safe condition. Single-action trigger on ever shot, some say it rivals 2k+ 1911 triggers. Tiny groups. Tiny.

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