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Originally Posted by FillYerHands View Post
SB 291 and SB 308 both passed the House this week! SB 308 just passed today 119-48. Now they go to Sonny Perdue and into law.

SB291 lets us carry in the airport in non-TSA areas, and prevents siezure of guns during an emergency.

SB 308 gets rid of the stupid "public gathering" law, and changes the gun permit to a weapons permit, which allows knives under 5 inches. It also allows open carry without a permit, as long as you are not disallowed from owning.

There are other changes that I need to research.

If your rep voted yes please send them a note thanking them. If they voted know, remind them that you get to vote against them next time.

That is good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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