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Gun sight options and other mods?

I have a glock 20sf. I'd like to find some sights that cover less of the sight picture than the glock stock sights. Unfortunatly around here the gun shops I've been to don't really have any options on display to look at. Looking at your website the advantage tactical sights looked like they might be a good option, but it's hard to tell from just looking at pictures.
Any opinions?

I'm also looking to do some modifications to my trigger. Can the 3.5 lb modification be done on an SF trigger? If so what do I need, and should i get new striker and trigger springs? I also plan to buy a trigger stop. Would a mechanically inclined person have much trouble installing the parts?

Lastly, I think I remember in another thread you suggested a 20 lb recoil spring may offer better performance in the g20, is this correct?

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