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Marlin 795 vs 10/22 Triggers & Accuracy

Decided to buy a decent semi 22. Then saw an Appleseed shoot coming this way in 2 weeks.

So now I have some motivation to get this done.

How is the trigger on a Marlin 795?

Can anything be done to improve it, if necessary? Simple aftermarket work?

How is the trigger on the new 10/22?

I know there are aftermarket drop-ins etc available.

How do these 2 compare to one another?

I am tempted by the Marlin, but the last Marlin I bought, which was the LAST Marlin I bought and thought I would ever buy had an absolute terrible trigger. I vowed to never go there again.

Convince me to eat my words or get the 10/22.

Or...... direct me towards something else that is straightforward, good-shooting semi that isn't too expensive (less than $300). I can maybe spend more if it means I need fewer aftermarket changes which equate to more $ spent ultimately.
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