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I have purchased a new 795 within the last 6 months. My BIL purchased a new 10/22 within the last month (which I have shot / worked on). Some thoughts:

About the same between the two.
- Best way to get a good trigger on a Ruger is with an aftermarket part. There are several from which to choose.
- The 795 took me about 10 minutes to do a trigger job. If you want, PM me and I'll send you a link to a good tutorial.

Belongs to Ruger.
Marlin has more than you might think. Again, a PM and I'll send you a link to another forum where many Marlin aftermarket products can be found.

Ruger will - on average - shoot 1" groups at 25 yards. Some are better some are worse. I've seen that and worse. I've only heard of better.

Marlins are more accurate out of the box. A 795 (or 60) and 10 minutes on the trigger produces a rifle whose precision and reliability can only be matched by a Ruger plus $300-$500 of after-market part.

Marlins eat more types of ammo without hiccups. Sure, they have preferences, but Rugers are known to be very finicky without an aftermarket bolt.

If you like to tinker and want to spend a little on it... the Ruger is for you.
If you want simple & effective as-is... the Marlin wins hands-down.
The Marlin is also only half the price of the Ruger, FWIW.

ETA: I own a 10/22, a 60, and a 795.

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