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I am a former US ARMY M1A1 Tank Gunner. I have used many different type of weapons and had the privilege of shooting the 120mm Smooth Bore Sabot round as a Gunner.

When I left the Army and became a citizen, I was focused on my future, my schooling and career. Several years had past and I eventually married but never got my CHL as we call it in Texas. (Concealed Handgun License).

When I purchased our new home and was expecting my first child, I realized that I could not protect my family if someone broke into the house. I got a Shotgun and a Rifle and moved on.

3 Years later, I realized that as I take my family out around town that I may not be able to protect them away from the home and decided it was time for me to WAKE UP and get my CHL.

I could not believe it took me that long but life has a funny way of getting in the way. Once I started thinking straight, I realized it was my responsibility to protect my family and my neighbor if I ever had to do so.
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