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Originally Posted by ctaggart View Post
Well, thank you for the excellent response. Allow me to give some further details regarding my property. First off, the majority of the property was selective cut approximately 15 years ago. This means that I have great cover over the majority of the property with some areas too dense for man to walk through. The deer love it.

The area is 34 acres but it's mostly wooded. I have three fields to play with. The first and largest is roughly three acres. I know, tiny by your standards. The two remaining fields are right around two acres. So that's giving me seven acres of workable land to play with. Which really doesn't sound like much.

The purpose of these plots is just to centrally locate the local deer herd on my property. The immediate surrounding property is all wooded. There are a few fields past the woods and it's planted in either corn or soybeans. Usually corn though. The property across the road is a state park which does not allow hunting. There's a lot of deer that hold up there.

There is a small stream running through the property for a water source, so I'm covered there. The terrain is filled with small ridges and valleys and most of it is pretty easy walking.

As far as supplemental feeding and minerals go, that's a huge no no during the hunting season. If you do place minerals out and they leech into the soil then you either have to dig the soil up or don't hunt over it.

Here's a photo of the property. The center of the map shows the three fields with the largest running The two fields above it are the smaller ones.

OK, have to run, will finish later..

Your most welcome !

To be honest with you, trying to picture all this in my minds eye. It sounds to me amigo like you know more than you think you do/did.

I did not get the picture. You must have forgot it. ha.

I would like to see it though. You mentioned you have a ridge, a "higher ground spot" on the place, it would be nice (depending on the height and location of the ridge) if it was over looking one of the food plot areas.

BTW. No need to ever compare,
'small to big'. If I man has land he's rich no matter the size. A few acres or 29 sections, it don't matter. It all beats sittin in the center of town.

What you have described thus far sounds good. It almost sounds like you will be a very good attraction for the deer. Although as you said the other property is planted to corn or soybeans, which I do know the deer "love", you can still plant (as we said before) something different to bring them to you.

Of course in Texas everone and his dog has feeders out slinging corn every where, and salt licks are abounding (mostly for the cattle) but the deer love them as well. Like I said, we do not hunt over feeders. I see no sport in this at all. Ours are there to keep a healthy herd as possible on our part, and to help spark interest to like being on our place. But it is a big battle, because every place does the same. That is why we planted the milo you saw in the above pic. This is one "major deer getter." I don't not know if your area is conducive to growing milo or not, I would say yes. If so, next year, 'suggestion," to please try this, because we have seen and heard them at night I mean beating a path to get to the milo. They will truly strip it bare. It worked very well in Oklahoma, and it works great on the place hear in TX. no matter what everyone else plants.

Well, look forward to your pics, and hearing from ya again as you can...

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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