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I'll be honest with you, with about 30 odd years behind me of doing this, I think you are doing very well, and want to encourage you to go full ahead as you are. I do see what does look like on the map several feed fields and one is in the lower left, or s.w. corner of your place not to far. BUT, you have a very strategic 36 acres there, and I do believe like I said, if you plant/ have planted, what the neighbors have not, you'll fair very well, and you do have cover there to hunt from /in.

Bud, just my experienced suggestion to you. I want to again encourage you on what I think is a job well done for your first try here. I do believe you will see good results this coming season from what I can tell and see. Do be very observant and see if any changes need to be made for next season, and I do "highly suggest to you" the milo for at least one pasture next year. I think when you see the results from that, you will go all milo. It will drive those deer crazy...

Again. I am serious here. Very good job, very well done, and i think you'll be fine. Now, I request one thing of you. At least PM me and let me know how it went by January ! Seriously. And do consider the milo next year, no matter how well I think you will do this year. !

Congrats farmer! You did great amigo !

Good hunting, and good job !
If I did not think so, I really would tell ya. I am "not the leading authority", but I have done this a long long time, and learned a thing or two, shoot, I'm still trying to figure it out !


Good hunting

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