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Ya know, I kept reading your initial response and was racking my head over what milo was. Then I googled it. We call it sorghum here. That was in the running for what to plant and now I think you've locked it in for me. This being the first year of planting, I think I'm just going to plow, disc and then plant two cycles of buckwheat. Buckwheat, because it's easy to grow and is extremely fast to germinate. This will allow it to out compete the weeds and choke them down. I'll then plant ryegrass in the fall and allow the field to rest over winter. Buckwheat will be planted again in early spring once the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees and then will be mowed once seed heads start to develop. By this time the soil should be at 65 degrees and ready to plant the milo. The milo will be allowed to stand through the winter.

The planting of the buckwheat should help the milo because it brings a lot of the phosphorus up from out of the soil and nearer to the surface. I imagine that the field will need to be limed, so have to find an outfit to rent a lime spreader from, but I think I have somebody in mind for that. I'll be taking soil samples soon to have my brother analyze so he'll let me know what I need in that department.

This is starting to become an exciting project and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Thanks so much for the help.
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