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Who Mexican carries their snub?

So, I just got my first snubbie yesterday and I've been trying to find the best way to carry it. The IWB holster I got just doesnt feel comfortable anywhere and adds too much bulk for good concealment. I tried doing pocket carry this morning, but it just didnt feel right too me, plus I think this snubbie is a little too heavy for that.

I'm 6'0" 240lbs. so obviously I've got a little gut in the front. The most comfortable carry position I've found so far is doing mexican carry in a cross draw position at about 10:30 - 11. The gun disappears under just a t-shirt. I keep my belt tight, so the gun is well retained. Only my belt and jeans cover the trigger, but the DA trigger pull on this gun is so heavy, that doesn't really worry me. What other concerns are there about doing mexican carry?

I would still like to be able to carry in a holster too, so I am strongly considering picking up an ankle holster to try that out. I know pocket carry is popular around here, but other than when I am wearing cargo shorts, I think that is out for me. Does anyone have any suggestions on snubbie holsters that have an extreme cant, I think that may help me if I am somehow able to angle the gun so it can ride right under my gut.

Any advice or opinion is greatly appreciated.
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