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Originally Posted by NordicG3K View Post
Don't forget, anything under 16" with a stock is an NFA item.
When sold as a pistol with 14" barrel you can put a rifle stock on it and its still a pistol. You and I can't take a 10/22 rifle and cut it down to a pistol and use or sell it but the mfg can and does. Now you can take that Ruger pistol and drop it in a rifle stock and it's still classified as a pistol and legal to use.

In T/C it is the receiver that is classed as rifle or pistol, so you can put a 21" rifle barrel and stock on the pistol and it's still a pistol and legal. Now if it's a "rifle" receiver then you can't put the pistol barrel on it and be legal, even though they are basically the same.

The thing is with a T/C you can probably get away with the switches (the install of pistol barrel on rifle) because of mfg offerings of receivers that are almost identical for pistol and rifle and who would know until caught doing something else that was illegal. To me being a 10mm shooter and having a G2 Contender pistol and a 10" barrel in 10mm auto, the thought of buying a rifle stock is intriguing to me, but I just don't see the need for spending the money.

The T/C for me is just a range toy, not a hunting or defense gun. I have G20/29 for personal defense and several large bore rifles for hunting or target, the G2 was more of an idea for 10mm test bed gun that has sprung out of a failed idea of using G2 as a first gun for a young grandson but the 12" bull barrel was too heavy and trigger reach too long for him.
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